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Product Designer



Product, Design
United States · Remote
Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2024

Hi, We’re AffiniPay!

AffiniPay is a leading fintech company, based out of Austin, Texas. As the market leader in professional services payments and practice management software, AffiniPay’s tech products serve legal, accounting, architectural, engineering and construction firms. AffiniPay has been recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in the U.S. for 11 years in a row, and as a result, our teams continue to grow as well!

We are looking for a Product Designer to join our amazing Product Team! As a Product Designer you will accomplish work by utilizing a foundational knowledge of UX design principles, user-centered product development processes, style guides, and research tools. You work within defined guidelines to complete work such as: analyzing user needs, identifying product or platform requirements, and iteratively improving design solutions based on UX testing and partner/stakeholder input. You have a proven ability to design products and deliver outputs including the product or platform, and possess the depth of knowledge, experience, and business acumen required to assess and communicate how well-considered the design work is for appropriateness, longevity, collaboration, scaling. You also engage in community contribution to improve and maintain our culture and operations - making Affinipay a better place to work.

What You’ll Do:

  • Accountable for outcomes of one mature project, complex program, or emerging area, by helping to set and communicate user-driven product direction and priorities for a small number of collaborators.
  • Identify high impact opportunities and potential constraints and/or ways to deliver more equitable products that inform a cross-functional product initiative.
  • Contribute to design systems, languages, to inform goals, priorities, resource allocation, and key decisions needed to improve near and long-term outcomes for products and/or users (such as: enterprise, smb, global users, marginalized users).
  • Develop and advocate for long-term, user-centered product and/or co-design strategy that creates internal confidence, momentum and significant impact on a team, and positive impact for users/customers (such as: global users, enterprise, smb, marginalized users).
  • Develop a sustainable approach with accountability for addressing complicated problems with limited precedent to improve the end user experience.
  • Address complicated challenges as they arise, with foresight which anticipates and mitigates future issues and/or adverse impacts.
  • Recognize when the solution being proposed delivers little benefit to users and/or produces inequitable experiences, and challenge with alternative approaches.
  • Influence and/or make space for others’ voices across teams with shared objectives to align resources and direction for outcomes in the best interest of Affinipay, and/or users (such as: enterprise, smb, global users, marginalized users).
  • Formally or informally lead and mentor talent to ensure diverse and representative perspectives are present.
  • Align goals and objectives to the larger product or program initiative for multiple adjacent design efforts.
  • Increase adoption of user-centered design principles, Product Excellence, and or/co-design at the team, product, or organizational level.
  • Serve as a leader in UX design principles, user-centered product development methodologies, participatory and co-design methodologies, style guides, and research tools.

About You:

  • Education and Experience: A bachelor's degree in a related field such as HCI, computer science, graphic design or a related field, and/or equivalent of at least 5 years of experience in UX design.
  • Strong Design Skills: The candidate should have a strong design sense and the ability to create high-quality visual designs for websites, apps and other digital products. They should have a good understanding of user interface design principles and be able to create wireframes, prototypes and design mockups.
  • User Research and Testing: The candidate should have experience conducting user research and testing. They should be able to create user personas, conduct usability testing, and use data to inform design decisions. They should also be able to design and conduct A/B testing and other advanced research methodologies.
  • Technical Skills: The candidate should have a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should be able to work with developers and understand the technical limitations of different platforms.
  • Collaboration and Leadership: The candidate should be an excellent communicator and able to collaborate effectively with other designers, developers, and stakeholders. They should be able to lead design teams, provide guidance, and be open to feedback. They should also be able to communicate effectively with executives and stakeholders and present design concepts and strategies in a clear and compelling manner.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The candidate should be able to identify and solve design problems. They should be able to think critically about user needs and design solutions that meet those needs.
  • Portfolio: The candidate should have an extensive portfolio that demonstrates their design skills and experience, including examples of their ability to work on large-scale and complex projects. The portfolio should also include case studies that demonstrate the candidate's strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Strategic Thinking: The candidate should be able to think strategically about user needs and design solutions that meet those needs. They should be able to align UX design strategies with business goals and objectives and be able to make data-driven design decisions.
  • Knowledge of Design Tools: The candidate should have experience using design tools such as Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, or similar tools.
  • Understanding of Design Systems: The candidate should have an understanding of design systems and how they can be used to create consistent and scalable designs.

Additional Information:

The minimum annual salary for this position is $90,000 and the maximum is $130,000. The salary range for performing this role outside of the US / Austin / California may differ. AffiniPay is committed to offering competitive, fair and commensurate compensation and has provided an estimated pay range for this role. Actual compensation may vary based on job-related knowledge, skills, experience and education.

If you work near our offices in San Diego or Austin, we work in a hybrid capacity!

Our Story

Founded in 2005, AffiniPay’s mission is to build technology products that helps professionals focus on the work they love. As the leader in the professional payments industry, AffiniPay’s products serve legal, accounting, architectural, engineering and construction firms. Our portfolio of software solutions include MyCase (Legal Practice Management Software), CASEpeer (Practice Management for Personal Injury Firms), Docketwise (Immigration & Case Management Software), (Soluno (Legal Accounting), and Woodpecker (Legal Document Automation). Our portfolio of payment solutions include LawPay (Legal), AffiniPay for Associations (Associations), CPACharge (Accounting Professionals), and ClientPay (Architect, Engineer, and Construction). AffiniPay’s products serve over one hundred thousand users, and we are noted as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Austin, Texas. We are constantly looking for talent to join our team to continue playing a key part in unlocking our potential.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at AffiniPay

At AffiniPay, we recognize that innovation occurs with a strong team of people who are diverse in background, personality, talent and ideas. Experience comes in many forms and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we continue to learn from each other is an integral part of our culture. We are committed to creating a welcoming and transparent environment for all that embraces those differences through education, equal access to opportunities and information, inclusionary programs, and community outreach.

Benefits that Benefit You!

As a people first culture, we believe it is important that our teammates are happy, healthy, and productive. In order to best support that, AffiniPay provides award-winning benefits that can make a difference in your life - right now and for the future.

  • All employees receive fully covered medical, dental and vision coverage - Choose from our 2 available health plans based on what fits you and/or your family!
  • Have some fur babies? - We offer them insurance too!
  • RELAX and enjoy your time away with our flexible paid time off policy!
  • We will help you plan for your future - 401K, or RRSP if in Canada, with a company match
  • Competitive compensation packages that include mid-year and end-of-year bonuses and equity options for all full-time employees
  • Health Wellness Program that includes nutrition consultations, mental health apps, and access to discounted memberships
  • Have plans to grow your family? - Parental resources, including 16 weeks of paid time off for primary caregivers
  • Professional development opportunities including mentorships, leadership programs and our AffiniPayU courses
  • We believe it is important to give back with our Matching Gift Program and organized activities focused on donations, volunteerism and supporting the local communities throughout the country
  • D&I initiatives provide educational opportunities regarding multicultural issues, tolerance, and celebrating diversity among our entire staff
  • An incredible, in-office experience at our headquarters in Austin and San Diego including free lunch delivery, a fully stocked kitchen, and some “sweet” surprises for those afternoon pick-me-ups