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Job Title : Senior Analyst, Marketing Operations

Location : Bangalore



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The Data Management Senior Analyst role will be an integral part of the Marketing Operations organization and reports into the Senior Manager of Marketing Operations.  This person will be focused on ensuring our data is accurate and fresh.  Special focus will be on the account level information and firmographic data we use to drive our segmentation modelling within our CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.  This person will establish linkages between tools, establish cadences for manual data refreshes, recommend structure changes within our platforms and generally focus on ensuring key fields are accurate, meaningful, and up to date.


The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in the systems and data as well as communicating and driving changes across cross-functional teams. 


  • Knowledge: Uses professional concepts and creative problem-solving in developing solutions to data problems.  Strong knowledge of CRM systems and data and strong understanding of Excel modelling. Should have effective analytical abilities in order to examine infrastructures and make recommendations on improvements. Should also be knowledgeable in developing reports to aid in communicating needs with the data.

    Complexity: Understanding data fields and develop recommendations for better ways to structure the data to solve problems will be key.  Because Aptean has a broad product portfolio, we have complexity in our data that we use to segment to market to a number of different verticals, and the candidate should be comfortable with complexity in the data itself as well as its structure.  Exercises judgment in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results. Networks with key contacts outside own area of expertise.

    Supervision: Should be able to work with limited supervision.  Exercises some latitude in recommending approaches to critical assignments. Strong communicator on progress of initiatives/tasks and on recommendations. 

    Interaction: Primary interaction will be across the Marketing Operations and Sales Operations functions focused on our data but will have some broader interaction than that and needs to be comfortable reaching out across multiple groups to drive or suggest recommended data and/or structure changes.



About you


  1. Work in our data orchestration tool, RingLead, to manage our data. This includes:
    1. Cleansing data (removing duplicates, matching and converting Leads to Accounts, etc.)
    2. Transforming data (setting one field based on another, formatting data entries, etc.)
    3. Updating data (corrections to fields, reassigning accounts, etc.)
    4. Enriching records (enriching Leads, Contacts, and Accounts with firmographic and demographic information)
    5. Routing Leads (assigning Leads and Contacts based on territories)
  2. Establish (and run) processes and tool linkages to clean the data
    1. This is both for standard data that can be automated and for manual data that we manually pull from various sources.
    2. Establish regular cycles to update existing data. Need to determine timing, processes, etc. for anything where there’s not an automated tool.
    3. Identify new processes / sources as needed for new data and/or to create relationship structure around existing data (e.g. identifying accounts that are related to each other as separate locations of the same company)
    4. Building infrastructure / database structure – Beyond firmographic information that can be automated with linking a tool, this person needs to identify solutions to structure data in a way that it is meaningful and usable by Marketing and Sales (such as for the account locations that need to be tied to each other). This will include identifying structure and fields for each of these as well as new sources to populate those new fields either via automation or manual processes.
    5. Manual data cleaning – this person will also be responsible for some of the data cleaning.  For instance if a new structure is created for the example of relating accounts to each other, this person would need to pull the data, populate the new information to determine what the new fields should be and then update those via data uploads
    6. Reporting – Creating reports to communicate the state of the data. 
  3. Education (Indicate the minimum level of education necessary for this position. Check all that apply and indicate specific degree as applicable to the side (e.g., Bachelor’s in Computer Science)

    Required     Preferred          Degree/Certification

                                      Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Computer Science,

    Engineering, or Mathematics, related quantitative discipline, or equivalent practical experience preferred)

                                      Master’s degree


                                      J.D. (law)






    Work Experience (Indicate the approximate years of relevant work experience necessary for this position)

    • 3-5 years of data quality or similar level data analysis experience required.
    • Experience with CRM required ( preferred)
    • Experience working with database and CRM field structures required.
    • Advanced experience with Excel – building and manipulating large datasets, building models and assessing against fit to specific criteria required.
    • Experience pulling large sets of data from tools – CRMs or external tools such as D&B required.
    • Experience with a data orchestration platform preferred (RingLead preferred)
    • Experience with Segmentation modelling a plus.
    • Experience with SQL or similar a plus.


    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Excellent technical skills, with strong experience in and Excel.
    • Demonstrated experience owning and using a data tool / platform (such as RingLead)
    • Detail oriented
    • Strong understanding of databases and data structures and comfort with large datasets
    • Strong analytical and time management skills
    • Able to operate successfully in a lean, fast-paced organization
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Self-starter with take charge mentality and a track record and ability to “get things done”
    • Intermediate facilitation skills with the ability to drive issues to closure.
    • Self-motivated and able to handle tasks with minimal supervision or questions.
    • Ability to compare technologies and make recommendations to senior members of the team.


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