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Intermediate Backend Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Faria Education Group

Faria Education Group

Marketing & Communications, Software Engineering
Shanghai, China
Posted on Friday, November 10, 2023

Faria Education Group 的 OpenApply 部門正在尋找一名中階後端工程師。該角色將密切參與新功能開發和維護現有應用程式。

OpenApply 是一個面向世界領先的國際獨立學校的招生管理系統和 CRM,支援申請人從了解和意願登記到招生和註冊的整個過程。


  • 能自我驱动,主动承担责任,能在压力下工作
  • 英文读写流利
  • 对自己的代码质量有要求
  • 维护现有应用程序

The OpenApply division of Faria Education Group is looking for one Intermediate Backend Engineer. The role will be heavily involved with new feature developments and maintaining the existing application.

OpenApply is an admissions management system & CRM serving over 600 of the world’s leading international & independent schools, supporting the applicant from discovery & inquiry to admissions & enrolment.


  • New features development based on the provided specifications
  • Maintaining the existing applications (bug fixes, migration to new Rails versions, UI refresh).
  • Interacting with the other teams (within the company and external) regarding the integration of the applications and API.


  • 2+年RoR軟體開發經驗
  • Ruby on Rails(6+版本)
  • 關聯式數據庫(MySQL,PostgreSQL為佳)
  • 前端(HTML,CSS3,Vue,jQuery,CoffeeScript,SASS,Bootstrap)
  • 對物件導向程式設計有很好的理解,熟悉MVC,Mocking,ORM和RESTful的概念
  • 自動化測試(RSpec),持續整合
  • 英語:基本口語和書面表達能力


  • 深入理解物件導向程式設計的原則,並有效地運用在實際開發中。


  • 撰寫清晰、一致、充分註解、高可維護性,且精確的程式碼,並遵循設計規範。
  • 核對所做的程式碼變更。


  • 根據選定的環境和方法,撰寫單元測試和整合測試。


  • 熟悉使用問題追蹤軟體。


  • 熟練版本控制系統。
  • 提交經過驗證的修改,並附上詳細的註解。
  • 提交程式碼前仔細檢查差異。
  • 根據功能的原子性,將程式碼提交拆分。
  • 解決程式碼庫中的衝突。


  • 使用專門工具分析產品性能和資源使用情況,找出產品的瓶頸。


  • 在既定架構的範疇內,對子系統(模組)進行重構。


  • 確保團隊成員提供的估算是準確的
  • 建議和討論功能/錯誤修復範圍的更改,以改進整體架構
  • 估算(精確度最低為70%)並實作與課程相關的新功能
  • 解決支援團隊提出的S1-S5缺陷項目




Skills & Competencies

  • 2+ years of experience of RoR software development expertise;
  • Ruby on Rails (versions 6+);
  • RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL is a plus);
  • Frontend (HTML, CSS3, Vue, jQuery, CoffeeScript, SASS, Bootstrap);
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming, familiarity with the concepts of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful;
  • Automated testing (RSpec), continuous integration;
  • English: Basic verbal and written.


  • Demonstrating a deep understanding of OOP and using it effectively


  • Creating clear, consistent, well-commented, highly maintainable, and accurate code matches agreed-upon conventions.
  • Verifying code changes made.

Automated testing

  • Writing unit and integration tests according to the chosen environment and methodology.

Issue tracking

  • Working with issue-tracking software.

Version Control

  • Working with version control systems.
  • Committing verified changes with comprehensive comments.
  • Carefully checking diffs before code commit.
  • Splitting code commits according to the atomic chunk of functionality.
  • Resolving conflicts in the codebase.


  • Using special tools for analyzing product performance resource usage to determine product bottlenecks.


  • Refactoring sub-systems (modules) in the scope of defined architecture

Capabilities & Character

  • Ensure the estimation provided by team members is accurate.
  • Suggest and discuss changes to feature/bugfix scope, which will improve the general architecture.
  • Estimate (accuracy 70% minimum) and implement new features related to curricula.
  • Resolve escalated items from the application support team related to S1-S5 defects on production.

Success Metrics

Shipping Great (Stable) Features to Production that delight Customers


  • 具有竞争力的薪资和专业的发展机会;
  • 在国际商业环境中的职业成长机会;
  • 舒适、设备齐全的办公室;
  • 友好的工作氛围,办公社交活动和定期团队午餐;
  • 带薪休假以及健身津贴;
  • 职业发展学习预算和图书预算;
  • 定期绩效评估和加薪。


  • Competitive salary and opportunities for career development.
  • Professional growth in the international business environment.
  • Cozy, fully-equipped office in Shanghai.
  • Friendly atmosphere, office socials, and team lunches.
  • Paid vacation and stipend for English language classes/gym membership.
  • Professional Development budget and unlimited book budget.
  • Regular performance reviews and raises.