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Finance Data & Systems Scientist



Accounting & Finance
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Company Description

IFS is a billion-dollar revenue company with 6000+ employees on all continents. Our leading AI technology is the backbone of our award-winning enterprise software solutions, enabling our customers to be their best when it really matters–at the Moment of Service™. Our commitment to internal AI adoption has allowed us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring our colleagues can unlock their creativity and productivity, and our solutions are always cutting-edge.

At IFS, we’re flexible, we’re innovative, and we’re focused not only on how we can engage with our customers but on how we can make a real change and have a worldwide impact. We help solve some of society’s greatest challenges, fostering a better future through our agility, collaboration, and trust.

We celebrate diversity and understand our responsibility to reflect the diverse world we work in. We are committed to promoting an inclusive workforce that fully represents the many different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints of our customers, our partners, and our communities. As a truly international company serving people from around the globe, we realize that our success is tantamount to the respect we have for those different points of view.

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to be part of a global, diverse environment; you will be joining a winning team with a commitment to sustainability; and a company where we get things done so that you can make a positive impact on the world.

We’re looking for innovative and original thinkers to work in an environment where you can #MakeYourMoment so that we can help others make theirs. With the power of our AI-driven solutions, we empower our team to change the status quo and make a real difference.

If you want to change the status quo, we’ll help you make your moment. Join Team Purple. Join IFS.

Job Description

Are You Ready to Take Data Intelligence to the Next Level across IFS’s Global Accounting & Procurement Departments?

This is your opportunity to drive the evolution of data analytics, reporting, and system enhancements within the Global Accounting and Procurement departments at IFS, propelling these functions towards greater maturity and excellence. As the Leading Data and Systems Scientist, you will report directly to the Global Head of Procurement and play a crucial role in defining, maintaining, and embedding sophisticated data management systems. This includes creating data catalogues and leveraging IFS data lakes to meet the growing needs of the company.

You will manage data across all platforms, utilizing advanced techniques to cleanse and analyze data. Your leadership will focus on establishing stable data flows and building scalable self-service solutions that ensure minimal service disruptions and real-time data availability for stakeholders and end-users.

As the technical expert and super user, you will serve as the key interface between end-users and in-house data system architects. You will lead the adaptation of system modifications, oversee user acceptance testing for new features within the IFS Cloud, and manage various internal platforms. Additionally, you are responsible for developing training materials and providing ongoing support to ensure all departments are equipped to fully utilize the systems and tools provided.

Your responsibilities also include designing, building, and delivering sophisticated dashboards and reporting activities. You will draw meaningful insights from business data to develop reports on KPIs, business performance, and people analytics, providing data and intelligence that meet rigorous standards and producing engaging and impactful presentations for senior management.

As you propel these critical functions towards a future of enhanced data capabilities, your role will be instrumental in establishing new benchmarks in data intelligence across IFS.


Experience, Qualifications & Skills Summary

Extensive Data Management Expertise: A minimum of 10 years of progressive experience in advanced data management, data analytics, and business intelligence reporting within a professional setting. We seek individuals who demonstrate expert proficiency and a track record of making impactful contributions to complex data environments.

Finance-Specific Data Analytics Experience: At least 3 years of specialized experience in a finance-related data analytics role is required, demonstrating a deep understanding of the data visualization and reporting requirements needed in this field, and the capability to communicate complex financial data clearly to stakeholders.

Advanced Data Visualization Skills: Demonstrated expertise in designing and presenting effective visual data presentations that provide clear, actionable insights with a high level of detail and accuracy, suitable for all levels of stakeholders, including the C-suite.

Leadership in Data Analytics Initiatives: A proven track record of leading data analytics projects that enhance departmental and organizational reporting and functional performance tracking. Candidates should highlight their experience in promoting and implementing data management best practice.

Effective Training and Support: Experience in developing and delivering comprehensive training programs and support mechanisms that boost end-user competence and engagement with complex data systems and reporting tools. Applicants should demonstrate a client-driven approach and an aptitude for simplifying complex concepts for diverse audiences.

Operational Problem Solving: Demonstrated ability to identify and resolve core operational issues in data and reporting, including improve data accessibility and usefulness for all required audiences.

Communication Excellence: Ability to clearly articulate complex concepts to a diverse audience, including both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Extremely client-driven, taking the time to understand the needs of business stakeholders and delivering the best customer service.

Driving Best Practices in Data Analytics: Established record of steering data analytics and reporting toward best practice standards across multiple departments. This includes integrating data management, governance methods, and deploying innovative, time-saving tools and processes.

Interpersonal: Highly adaptable and self-directed, with a proven ability to prioritize tasks in a dynamic environment. Passionate about enhancing the value of data through innovation, governance, and a re-engineering mentality.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field, complemented by advanced skills in BI, data visualization libraries, associated coding languages, and modelling tools such as SQL and statistical programming.

Additional Information


Attractive Package: Enjoy a competitive salary coupled with performance-based incentives.

Wellbeing & Security: Benefit from a comprehensive package

Professional Advancement: Chart your upward trajectory within a dynamic and innovative organization, accelerating personal and professional growth.

Inclusive Culture: Flourish within an environment that values diversity, promotes collaboration, and nurtures innovation.

Balanced Lifestyle: Embrace a flexible work arrangement that aligns with your unique needs and supports work-life harmony. Free lunch in the IFS office.