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Dock Clerk

PurposeBuilt Brands

PurposeBuilt Brands

Manchester, TN, USA
Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2024

Job TITLE: Dock Clerk


The Dock Clerk is responsible for overseeing shipping and receiving operations, with a primary focus on maintaining accurate documentation, following company SOPs, and ensuring the efficient movement of materials within the facility. This role requires a valid forklift driver's license and strong attention to detail to review and process shipping and receiving documentation accurately.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Forklift Operations: Operate forklift equipment to safely and efficiently move materials, products, and supplies within the facility. Perform daily forklift inspections and report any issues promptly. Work with other forklift drivers, giving direction on where to pull and to put away goods.
  • Documentation: Review, process, and maintain accurate records of all shipping and receiving documentation. Ensure that all inbound goods are labeled with receiving placards.
  • Material Handling: Transfer materials to and from stock to various production areas based on pick tickets. Continuously replenish raw materials to manufacturing lines to prevent disruptions in the production process. Use pick tickets to build pallets for customers.
  • Inventory Management: Remove finished goods from manufacturing lines, shrink-wrap them, and stage them in the appropriate designated areas. Clear manufacturing lines of raw materials at the end of production runs. Accurately count and update quantities of materials returning to stock.
  • Warehouse Organization: Maintain a clean and organized workspace, including proper pallet organization, emptying dumpsters, and loading recyclable materials into designated containers.
  • Communication: Maintain effective communication with manufacturing Line Operators to understand their needs and stay updated on the status of current and future jobs. Ensure seamless movement of both inventory and non-inventory pallets to support efficient operations.
  • Cycle Counts: Conduct accurate cycle counts as required and respond to any requested inventory counts.
  • Adaptability: Be prepared for tasks, responsibilities, and activities that may change at any time with or without notice to support operational needs.


High School Diploma or equivalent.


1-2 years of experience in material handling within a manufacturing environment.

Valid forklift driver's license or eligibility for certification.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong teamwork and independent work capabilities.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to perform tasks while continuously standing.
  • Efficiency, accuracy, and commitment to quality in all tasks.

Physical Requirements:

  • Extended periods of standing
  • Constantly operating computers and office equipment.
  • Occasional lifting up to 60 pounds.


Employment Status: Full-time

Travel required: None