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Group Fleet Manager

W.A.G. payment solutions

W.A.G. payment solutions

Prague, Czechia
Posted on Monday, May 6, 2024

Company Description

As a London Stock Exchange listed company and in order to meet the highest governance standards, Eurowag offers unique experience for legal and compliance roles. You would be part of the legal department and providing legal advisory for the whole Eurowag group which currently consists of more than 50 entities.

We are looking for a Group Fleet Manager to ensure that our operations and business transactions follow all relevant legal and internal rules. You will also review employees’ work and provide advice on compliance. To succeed in this role, you should be a reliable professional who is not afraid to speak their mind and stand by their decisions. You should be familiar with risk management and our industry’s standards. If you also have a sharp business acumen, we’d like to meet you. Your goal will be to ensure we operate in a legal and ethical manner while meeting our business objectives.

Job Description

Group Fleet Manager is responsible for overseeing the management, optimization, and strategic direction of the company's fleet operations across multiple countries of EW Group. This pivotal role involves developing and implementing fleet management strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure the efficient and cost-effective operation of the company's vehicles, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and promoting sustainability initiatives.

  • Fleet Management Strategy

Develop and implement comprehensive fleet management strategies, policies, and procedures to optimize fleet performance, minimize costs, and support business objectives. Define fleet acquisition, replacement, and disposal strategies to ensure the fleet meets operational requirements and remains compliant with regulatory standards. Evaluate fleet performance metrics, analyze data, and identify opportunities for improvement, efficiency gains, and cost savings.

  • Fleet Operations

Oversee the day-to-day operations of the company's fleet across multiple countries, including vehicle procurement, maintenance, fueling, and utilization. Collaborate with internal stakeholders, including operations, finance, and procurement teams, to align fleet activities with business needs and objectives. Ensure fleet compliance with local regulations, licensing requirements, and safety standards in each country of operation

  • Supplier and Vendor Management

Manage relationships with fleet suppliers, leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers, and service providers to ensure cost-effective and high-quality fleet services. Negotiate contracts, agreements, and service level agreements with suppliers to optimize fleet performance and minimize costs. Monitor vendor performance, conduct regular reviews, and address any issues or concerns to maintain service quality and reliability.

  • Risk Management and Compliance

Implement policies and procedures to manage fleet-related risks, including safety, insurance, and liability exposures. Ensure compliance with local, national, and international regulations governing fleet operations, emissions standards, and environmental regulations. Conduct regular audits and inspections to assess fleet compliance and address any deficiencies or non-compliance issues.

  • Fleet Sustainability and Innovation

Develop and implement initiatives to promote fleet sustainability, including alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, and emissions reduction programs. Stay informed about emerging technologies, trends, and best practices in fleet management and transportation logistics. Identify opportunities to leverage technology and innovation to enhance fleet efficiency, performance, and sustainability.

  • Team Leadership and Development

Lead and mentor a team of local fleet specialists and support staff, fostering a culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement. Provide guidance, training, and professional development opportunities to enhance team performance and capabilities. Promote a positive work environment that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Proven experience in fleet management, transportation logistics, or related roles, with experience managing fleets across multiple countries.
  • Knowledge of fleet management principles, practices, and regulatory requirements.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to analyze data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Familiarity with fleet management software, telematics systems, and emerging technologies in the transportation industry.
  • Ability to use English language fluently

Additional Information


At Eurowag Group, we value our employees' well-being and professional growth.

EW is diverse, disruptive and still evolving; we choose newcomers not only by skill but also by whether they can be real colleagues through shared values. What's more, you will have an opportunity to influence the direction of our company through your ideas.


  • Work-Life Balance
    • Flexible working hours with the option for an occasional home office
    • 5 weeks of holidays
    • 3 health days per year
    • 1 extra day off (Founder's Day)
  • Benefits Package
    • Fresh orange juice every day
    • Choose your benefits from our flexible benefits scheme, including options like meal voucher cards, pension contributions, and more, up to 1000 EUR
    • Multi-sport card for you to enjoy sports and wellness
  • Rewards & Development
    • Referral Rewards through our 'Go Far' scheme
    • Access to Coursera.org with over 5,000 courses for skill development
    • A bonus scheme based on your performance
    • Access to potential private online language lessons on Preply.com
  • Supportive Environment
    • A company phone and laptop
    • Paid leave for volunteering towards a good cause or charity of your choice
    • Access to products our customers love
    • Free, anonymous psychological counseling with experts for mental health support
  • Modern Workplace
    • Modern office with adjustable standing desks
    • Relaxation rooms and a summer terrace
    • On-site company restaurant with discounted menus and a daily contribution of 60 CZK in the canteen
    • Dog-friendly office
    • a fully equipped kids' corner
  • Community & Well-Being
    • Philanthropy project
    • Informal gatherings and team events outside office hours
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Eurowag Group is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees, regardless of gender or cultural background, are valued and supported. Our inclusive recruitment practices ensure a level playing field, eliminating bias and opening doors for everyone.